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Al-Jamia-tus-Salafiah (Markazi Darul-Uloom) Varanasi, India is a central institution of education and training. It is the out come of the dreams and blessings of the well wishers of Jama’at Ahle Hadith. This education centre was founded in 1963 by the honourable ambassador of Saudi Arabia – Yusuf Al-Fauzan under the movement of All India Ahle Hadith Conference (The biggest wing of Jama’at Ahle Hadith).

Then it was inaugurated in 1966 by Allama Abdul Qadir Shaibatul Hamd – the representative of Sheikh Ibn Baz (Rahimahullah) Vice Chancellor of Jamia Islamia, Madina Munauwarah (K.S.A.). And the task of education and training started in a planned way with the help of highly qualified teachers. Fifty years have passed since the foundation of the Jamiah and by Allah’s grace during this span of time it has performed marvelous feat in the field of developments for the acquisition of its aims and objectives. Groups of ulema du’at, writers and research scholars have regularly been working for the upliftment of religion. The discharged students of the Jamiah have been joining other universities of India, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, for higher education. Some of them are in government service and some are working in private departments of education and research and earning fame for themselves and for the Jamia as well.

Jamiah has progressed according to its plan and new departments have been opened at regular basis, at the same time its requirements and needs have also been increasing. But so far, we have been able to cross all the hurdles by the grace of Allah and support of helping persons like you.

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My favorite thing about blogging is connecting with people and helping them find a way to make money from home.

From time to time, I get emails or Facebook messages from someone sharing their struggles and looking for work. And after hearing their story – one I can relate to – I just want to do all I can to help because it reminds me of my struggles when I started working from home.

Let me tell you that is what drives me to always be willing to help.

I’ve always talked about how my blogging journey got started. But I have never talked about what happened afterward – what really inspired me to start blogging.

You see, before I started blogging. we were a two-income family and things were great. I was living in my dream house, driving my dream car (A BMW 328i) and taking the girls shopping to the mall every weekend. The hubs had his toys and the kids got what they wanted – as long as they did well in school and stayed out of trouble.

And I easily dropped about $200 a week in groceries. Yes sir, money was no object.

Anyway, I tried to hang on to that life for as long as I could but we couldn’t afford those luxuries on one income. Then six months later, the hubs gets hurt at work and he’s out on workman’s comp – which will hardly cover our expenses.

So, we dip into our emergency stash and when that was gone, next came the savings. I realized if we didn’t make any changes soon, we were going to go broke quick style.

First, we had no choice but to move back to our old house that we had been renting out. Then we traded in the BMW for a Nissan. And instead of shopping at the mall I was shopping at Target or Walmart with coupons in tow. The kids no longer got what they wanted – they were now getting what they needed.

Yes, the struggle was real!

At one point, I got so desperate for a work-from-home job that I took the first one that was offered to me. And guess what….it was a scam. I felt like a dumb a** for falling for it and even worse that I let my family down.

But I didn’t let it stop me though. I kept on searching until I landed a job as a customer service rep for Cloud 10 now known as Transcom.  In between my job and mom shift, I was still searching for work-from-home jobs and sharing them with friends and family. That’s when I fell in love with the idea of helping people find remote work and I launched my first blog Work-from-Home Concepts.

A year later, I decided to add other niches for women like blogging tips and other life-style related topics. And that’s how Not Now Mom’s Busy was born.

The Motherload of Online Jobs Lists

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, from time to time I receive messages from folks asking how they can make money from home and where they can find legitimate online jobs.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping them so I thought now would be a good time to provide you, dear reader, with the motherload of online jobs lists and the resources I personally use for my research plus some helpful tips to make sure you get the right results in your own search for a work-from-home job.

First, let’s start with customer service jobs.

Customer Service Jobs

CSR jobs is the most popular type of work-from-home job.

ACD Direct

Advanis Agents


Arise Virtual Solutions

Customer Service Review

Expert Global Solutions

Live Ops

MicahTek – Oklahoma residents only

O’currance Teleservices – Utah residents only

Service 800 – FL, MN, TX, WI only.


SYKES Home Powered by Alpine Access  – U.S. or Canada


Teleperformance – Worldwide



Working Solutions

Xact TeleSolutions

Research Jobs


Background Profiles

Bid Ocean Network

Castle Branch

Click N Work

Deed Collectors


Find an Heir

First National Acceptance Company

Hire My Mom

IT-Boss Research

JBS Court Research Services

MailCo Productions


Neal R. Gross & Co.

One Legal Online Court Services

Pro Data Research


Sunlark Research

The SmartCrowd Lionbridge



Wolfgang Research


Worldwide 101

Virtual Jury

Jury Talk

Online Verdict

Trial Practices, Inc.

Virtual Jury

Transcription Jobs

AccuTran Global

Alice Darling Secretarial Services

Allstate Medical Transcription

American High Tech Transcription

Applied Medical Services

Arrendale Associates

Cambridge Transcription

Cyber Dictate

eTranscription Solutions


M*Modal Transcription

Mercedes Transcription

Morningside Partners

Neal R. Gross

Net Transcripts

Nuance Transcription

Orion Transcription Services

Production Transcripts

Ascend Group Healthcare Solutions

Same Day Transcriptions

Speak Write


Verbal Ink

Typing Jobs and Other Paid Online Gigs


Arberdeen Captioning

Armour Closed Captioning

ASC Morningside

The Caption Advantage

Caption Colorado

Caption Max


Click N Work




Easy Shift


Fusion Cash





Post Loop

Slice the Pie

Smart Crowd

Take Lessons*

Talking Type Captions

Task Rabbit 

U.S. Captioning Company




Job Search Resources

I used to check job listings from several different sites but that slowly turned into a time consuming task. So now when I  search work-from-home jobs my go-to job search site is Jobs2Careers. They pull job listings from popular job search sites like Career Builder, Monster and ZipRecruiter.

I stay away from jobs posted on Craigslist for a couple of reasons – one, because it could be a scam and two, it’s kind of risky. You never know what could happen if you’re called for a face to face interview and I urge the folks to really do their homework before answering an ad on Craigslist.

This one is important – do not pay for job leads. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure the jobs on those sites that charge are legitimate and I get that they have to make money so they charge for doing the research.

But if you can’t afford it and you can find them for free, why not do it yourself. All it takes is dedicated time to do the homework and using the right keywords like: work-from-home, work-at-home, remote jobs, telecommute, online jobs, make money from home.

Over To You

I hope you found this post helpful. If you know anyone who is looking for work, please share this post with them.

So, what do you think of these online jobs? Did you find anything that interested you? And finally, how are you making money from home? Tell us in the comments section below.

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