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We did this in 2013 and 2014, so let's do it again! Reminder: this isn't about games released in 2015; it's about what you played in 2015.

Favorite Game of the Year
It's premature--we're only halfway through the full campaign--but I'm going to go ahead and give this to The U.S. Civil War. There's something very clean and satisfying about it, and what can I say? It inspired this ACW neophyte to read Shelby Foote's trilogy and obsess over all sorts of new things. That's a successful game in my book.

Best F2F Session
Despite my ever more challenging schedule, Mike and I had another strong year, with the main event being the full enchilada of Unconditional Surrender. Not really realizing that my Germans pretty much need to fully kick the Russians off the board (I went east first), I kinda lost early but playing it to a preordained finish didn't make it any less fun. I probably came closer to understanding this system than I have any other. (It's a low bar.)

Best Solo Session
I really enjoyed Warfighter and Vietnam Solitaire this year, but I was *blown away* by Navajo Wars--it may be my favorite game ever? Each game's story is so well told, and so palpably tragic, that I just couldn't stop trying to do better. It's the first (and only!) game I've ever played to the point of becoming very good at it. Can't want for the sequel.

Biggest Misfire

No real duds this year, though there were a few that just didn't jive with me personally. Phantom Fury was fun, but didn't live up to the promise of its little brother, A Week in Hell. Fire in the Lake is very likely a masterpiece but I realized that--just for me--I have all the COIN I need right now with A Distant Plain and Andean Abyss. (I reserve the right to change my mind on this at any moment.)

Hoping to Play in 2016
The Korean War
Enemy Coast Ahead
Enemy Action: Ardennes

OK, over to you.
Favorite game of the year:
It is a tough race with both Fading Glory and No Retreat! The Russian Front running neck and neck. Fading Glory introduced me to the whole Napoleonic 20 series which has been a blast, but I've really enjoyed No Retreat: The Russian Front a lot including the support by the designer( I sent him a geekmail about adjusting the 1943 scenario to unleash Kursk early and he readily and quickly obliged to a big to him). So my final decision would have to be No Retreat: The Russian Front

Best F2F Session:
My wife and I tried Triumph & Tragedy and had a blast! We played the game from 1939 onward and are looking forward to trying the game from 1936 when we can grab some time between adjusting to the arrival of our son

Best Solo Session:

This is another heavy contender category as I tried D-Day Dice, Don't Tread On Me: The American Revolution Solitaire Board Game, Target: Iran, Malta Besieged: 1940-1942, and Panzers East Solitaire and enjoyed each one. In the end, being a die hard East Front Gamer, I have to go with Panzers East. The concept of encirclement in the game was unique and it was tons of fun to create those pockets but not too fun to try to hold them against those Soviet breakout attempts. Still, it gave a really good feeling of what those big pocket battles must have been like as well as the beating the Panzers took as they drove ever deeper east.

Biggest Misfire:
I know this will generate a lot of consternation but I have to say it was Enemy Action: Ardennes. Now, let me first say I love and play a lot of designs by John Butterfield and as I played EAA, I just felt like I didn't care. I am wondering if it is simply because I have never really been a Bulge enthusiast or something with the system being transferred to this battle. Either way, it was my biggest disappointment of the year.
Honorable mention goes to Target: Iran. I really love the build up and execution but there has to be a better way to determine victory.

Hoping to play in 2016:
Hundred Days 20
D-Day at Peleliu
France '40
Unconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe

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Favorite Game of the Year: For now, I will go with Holdfast: Korea 1950-51, but a year from now, I'm guessing I'll say Last Battle: Ie Shima, 1945. I just started diving into it this week, so Korea will win for seniority, though I think I see a hard ceiling on it, where I'll explore the game as far as I want next year, but I see a lot more upswing for Last Battle.

Best F2F Session: I did very little of it this year. Work got crazy and between that and coaching, I didn't feel like getting on a computer that much and I had too many games in the queue. I didn't go to BGG Con. Dan and I didn't really do anything with Hands in the Sea. So I don't have a lot to choose from, so I'll go with the time (HAMTAG) Greg taught me ASL. I've been on him for years to teach me and our schedules worked out. The dude is a top-notch wargame teacher. We played The Guards Counter-Strike scenario and he defeated my Soviets, but it was a pretty tight game.

Best Solo Session
I'll cheat and go with my 30 solitaire games in 30 days challenge, where I played all of the games shown below:

Biggest MisfirePaul Koenig's Market Garden: Nijmegen Bridge. I got it. Played it. Sold it. I was hoping it would use some of the groovy ideas in Paul Koenig's The Bulge: 6th Panzer Army, but alas, it did not. I have plenty of Market-Garden games and this one just did nothing for me.

Biggest Goal:I have been after it for four years, but on October 21st, I got my last unplayed game on the table and played. I enjoyed that bliss for 17 days, before I grabbed a couple of more. Now I am back up to 2 unplayed games, both big ones, and with Christmas coming up. But for one moment in time, I met the impossible goal!

Hoping to Play in 2016

1. The U.S. Civil War: I've heard so much about it, that I look forward to giving it a try.

That's about the only sure thing. I have a lot of stuff: new games, some monster games to try out, and some old games to revisit. I'll tackle them as I see fit. The only thing I have played with on the horizon is this: last year, I had a month of solo gaming. Next year, I want to have Area-Impulse month and maybe play these:

I'm not sure if its possible, though. So if I do, I do, and if I don't, I don't.

No commitments to make any Vassal modules. I kind of like being on a sabbatical. When Hands in the Sea comes out, I'll update the artwork, but that is a matter of dropping in new images in place of the old.
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The final push has begun…

Take your place alongside the Allied forces to push through the heavily defended city of Berlin. Heroically parachute into intense battles, snipe enemy fighters and drive into hordes of Nazi soldiers to defeat the German onslaught.

This is your call to duty.

• Arm yourself for action with 14 historically accurate weapons of destruction.

• Heed the call of duty to eliminate the Nazi threat through 10 relentless missions.

• Confront snipers, intense urban fighting, Tiger tanks and more.

• Immerse yourself in historic battles with realistic physics and state-of-the-art environments.

Thousands of Lives Have Been Lost. Millions More Depend on You.

Fight alongside Russian soldiers to stop the German advancement on Eastern Europe.

Encounter Tiger tanks and a relentless barrage of German soldiers as the turret trigger man.

Prepare for a raging street battle behind the wheel of an abandoned car to blast past heavily armed Nazi fighters.

Join the American troops for your final mission— assassinate the SS leader to end the enemy advancement.

System requirements

Recommended: Processor Pentium III 700 MHz, 256 MB RAM, graphic card 32MB, 700 MB HDD


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