Clarifying Case Study Research Examples From Practice Fusion


I applied online. I interviewed at Practice Fusion (San Francisco, CA) in July 2017.


1st off, this was probably one of the most professional interview experiences I have ever had. PF is on top of their game.

Initial Phone Call with HR Manager - very casual, just describing what I am currently doing and telling me about PF and the position. 1 week later - 2nd phone interview with Director of Sales - this was also somewhat casual, but delved more into my experience with specific examples. and behavioral type questions. After this part I didn't hear back until 1 week later telling me that they already filled the position for which I was applying for, but had another opening for a very similar position that they felt I would be a good fit for. The next step was a written take home case study assignment - basically describing how I would respond to a top account client that was disappointed in a pricing increase. Since I was already very familiar with these types of situations, I knew how to answer it. After this, the next step was a 3 hour in person interview with 5 different people in 30 minute segments. The amazing part about this was that Brittany, the HR Recruiter, provided me with a itinerary of who I was to meet with, their role, and when. She also provided me with helpful pdf's on how to prepare for the interviews and what to expect, which helped me prepare effectively! I did all my research on PF before this as well as had behavioral question examples ready and thanks to Brittany and knowing what to expect, this part was a breeze. There were no notable questions that threw me off. Each person I met with pretty much asked the same questions: Why did I choose PF? Why was I looking to leave my current company? Tell me about a time when....

The entire process was seamless and made me feel as if it was more of a casual conversation than a nerve racking interview, which really helped! Brittany, the HR recruiter was extremely helpful, kind and really on top of communication, as well as being able to answer any questions I had.

Interview Questions

Practice Fusion 2017-08-11 18:48 PDT

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