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Tigers are a fascinating, and endangered, animal. They develop fast, and go off on their own when they’re mature. Tigers live in various climates, and eat various things as well. They are very strong, and have amazing energy. Not only are they magnificent to watch, but there are many interesting, and not well known, facts about them.
     Tiger cubs, at birth, are blind and cannot do anything for themselves. They only weigh about three or four pounds, and are cared after until they mature. After the age of two, tiger cubs go off and fend for themselves. An adult tiger weighs, on average, 420 pounds and can be nine feet long, and the adult female, 300 pounds and eight feet long, both with tails as long as three…show more content…

Tigers can swim for three miles without resting. They have also swam from island to island. Their roar can also be heard from up to two miles away, and sometimes farther. Many people do not know some of the amazing facts about tigers.
     Tigers are the biggest member of the cat family, with lions coming in at a close second. Their paw pads are very sensitive and are easily damaged, which prevents them from following prey that may wonder on such things as rocks that are hot. Another interesting fact about the tiger is that there are no white tigers left in the wild, only in captivity. On top of that, all of the white tigers in captivity came from the same female, which was caught in 1952. White tigers are not true albinos because they lack pink eyes; theirs are blue. Tigers and lions have actually mated in captivity. The offspring of a male tiger and a female lion is called a Tigon, and offspring of a male lion and a female tiger is called a Liger.
     Tigers are getting more and more scarce. In the world today, there are about 12 Javan tigers still alive, and less than 110 Siberian tigers. Their only needs in life are water, food, and shade, so this is definitely not the cause of their near extinction. The number of tigers in the world is decreasing because of hunters that like the fur. Tigers are rarely shot for attacking humans, for they

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