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Homework Hotline

Homework Hotline will begin Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Homework Hotline is designed to help students in case they are absent or they forgot to write down the assignment for class in their student planner.  Please note that the most update to date information is found with the teacher, as the plans may change if the lessons need to be adjusted.

To access the information you can click on one of the 3 links below.  This will bring up a Calendar.  Click on the date that you would like the assignments for and a spreadsheet with all of the teacher names will open up for you.  Some of the assignments listed have a small paperclip icon next to them.  That means you can download the instructions/worksheet,…

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7th grade Homework Hotline 

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Links to Textbooks

Social Studies:  www.learntci.com
Science:  my.hrw.com
Math:  https://www.bigideasmath.com/BIM/login

Team Apollo:




  • Friday 03/09 - PSSA worksheet


Social Studies

  Monday 3/5 - Interest Groups Packet (Office Mix optional)

  Tuesday 3/6 - Interest Groups Packet Due and Study Guide day

Wednesday 3/7 - Unit 5 Review Game

Thursday 3/8 - Unit 5 Study Guide Dueand Unit 5 Test

Friday 3/9 - Unit 6 Intro and Vocab



Tuesday 2/20 - Wednesday in class we will be writing our Text Dependent Analysis Essays. Today students will have prepared by reading "Paranka's Dumplings" in class. 

Wednesday 2/21 - TDA essay in class (No Homework other than book report)

Thursday 2/22 - Chapters 1 and 2 of Hiroshima Novella in class (No Homework orther than book report)

Friday 2/23 - Book report must be an informational book. The report may be typed or handwritten and must include a 4-5 sentence summary for 5 sections/chapters of the text, Honors must include a 4-5 sentence summary for 8 sections/chapters of the text.)

Monday 2/26 - Informational Book Report Due (Summarize sections on lined paper or typed!) 



M 2/26 No homework

T 2/27 Skills Practice Lesson 7

W 2/28 Skills Practice Lesson 7

TH 3/1 Complete Chapter 6 Study Guide and be prepared to go over answers at the beginning of Friday's class

F 3/2 Complete Chapter 6 Performance Task if not completed in class

M 3/5 Study for Test

T 3/6 Test No Homework




M 2/26 Fraction Two Step Equations

T 2/27 Two Step Equation Word Problems

W 2/28 Performance Task due Monday/planning sheet Friday

T 3/1 Study Guide

F 3/2 Study for Test

M 3/5 Test No Homework






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