Essay Discipline Is The Key To Success

Discipline means certain rules or norms of social life. Discipline is what a person imposes on himself taking it as his duty to God, to society, or to some other institution. Discipline is key to a successful life. Nature provides the best example of discipline in life. In nature all the planets move in their orbit; the seasons change in accordance with a set order, day and night follow each other at regular intervals, Man must take lessons from Nature. Our life should be punctuated with discipline. if all the citizens maintain certain moral restrictions on themselves, the social, and political life of the country will improve. Discipline is of prime importance in every sphere of man’s life.

Discipline is the backbone of the political life of a nation. Discipline is necessary both for the teacher and the students. . Disciplined students are the pillars of a nation’s strength and with their strength of character they can lift a nation to the great heights of progress. We must realize that discipline alone can ensure all-round progress and advancement of the country. Even a massive army will crumble like a house of cards in the absence of discipline, Army without discipline is no army, it is a mob. Police without discipline is even worse than armed bandits. similiarly a person without discipline is nothing .he is just a fellow. So the students should also realize the importance of the discipline and work on the path of discipline Discipline makes the future of the person .by seeing the behaviour of the person his respect is made in the societyInfact, discipline is the basic principle behind the progress and smooth working of an individual and a nation. It is essential for the preservation of social these ideas of making discipline should be spreaded as vastly as possible.

IMPORTANCE OF HARDWORK Hard work is a key to success is a well-known adage. Parents, teachers as well as others guide a child to work hard so that he can achieve good scores. Though a little bit of luck plays a positive role but I believe that hard work is the key to success. In fact if only luck is to be considered, no one would work but just wait till their lick shines up. A person can excel in his career due to hard work. A student stands out firstly only if he studies hard. Many students after the graduation say that probably they were not luck enough to get good marks, or the evaluators must have marked their papers strictly. But again these are merely reasons that can’t be given preference.

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For success being disciplined is a must. Discipline inculcates strong habits that are useful in every situation we face. Becoming a disciplined person starts from home where parents can play a critical role.

DISCIPLINE MEANS obedience to rules which are framed for the good of the individual and society. For anything there is a process and some rules that we have to follow, not for us but for the good of the society in which we live. A disciplined man lives an orderly life and is a successful man. If there are no rules, no plan or no order in life then there will be confusion.


One can be disciplined in one's home, and one can learn from family about what should be attitude towards the society. Discipline is necessary in every walk of life. The general good of the society depends on it. Without discipline all the constructive activities in the society would come to an end.
Family is like the first institution where one can learn discipline in life. In a family someone acts as a head then others should respect them. This will help in the smooth running of the family. The progress of the country is only possible when there is law and order in the country, and as a responsible citizen everyone should follow it.
For success, there should be discipline in life - whether in a family or towards the nation. As a player, one should obey the captain and follow all the rules and regulations, so that they can work as a team.
A good example is team India who won the world cup with team effort and not with individual performances. For healthy competition disciplined is a must. United we win divided we fall.
In any educational institute, there is discipline, and this makes a student for us follow discipline later in life. Disciplined is the key to any success. Education starts at home first. One can know how to behave in society at home only. It is the duty of parents to make well disciplined citizens by setting examples of affection, strictness, and punishment, etc.
Discipline is the habit of acting in accordance with certain rules. A nation can rise only if its people know the value of discipline in a life.


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