St Bernards Maths Homework For Year 3

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an internationally recognised Achievement Award.  It develops the kind of abilities and skills employers say they want to see in their employees: commitment, team working skills, perseverance and a positive attitude. The programme sits very well with our Catholic ethos: encouraging participants to make use of and develop their god-given abilities; volunteering is a central component of the award; and participants need to support one another on expedition as challenges are faced.


The four sections of the award are:

  1. Volunteering – e.g. helping at Scouts
  2. Physical – sport e.g. football
  3. Skills – e.g. playing a musical instrument
  4. Expedition – we organise this in school


Students organise for themselves activities for the first three sections (it may be that extra-curricular activities undertaken at school could count). A participant will only gain an Award if they complete all sections and upload their evidence into their eDoE account (electronic Duke of Edinburgh).


DofE has gone from strength to strength at St Bernard’s.  This highly popular programme attracts large numbers of students at all levels.  It is only through the partnership between staff and parents that we are able to operate with such large numbers of students – and with the financial support of the St Bernard’s PTA, we can provide most of the equipment students need for their expedition.


All levels of the award involve training, a practice expedition and an assessed expedition:


  • Bronze is offered to students in Year 9, just before Easter.  We regularly have over 100 participants each year involved at this level.  Bronze involves a two day hike (one day camping). At Bronze level, we visit the Chiltern Hills.
  • Silver is offered after Easter in Year 10.  We have 80 participants each year undertaking the  Silver expeditions. Silver involves a three day hike (two days camping – in different campsites). Silver involves longer hiking days and must take place in unfamiliar countryside.  At Silver level we visit the North Chiltern Hills and the Isle of Purbeck. 
  • Gold is offered only to those Sixth Form students who have completed all aspects of their Silver Award. The Expedition section involves four days hiking and three nights camping. The expeditions take place in Snowdonia.  Gold Award also involves an additional section called the ‘Residential’.

Inga Bernard - Math

Homework for week of 3/5 to 3/9

6th Grade HW

Monday: 583 & 584
Tuesday: 585 & 586
Wednesday: Front Row--check the assignment for your class.
Thursday: Chapter 8, Lesson 3 skills practice worksheet

Front Row due on Monday, 3/12 by 3:00 PM.

7th Grade HW

Monday: 559 & 560
Tuesday: 561 & 562
Wednesday: Front Row--check the assignment for your class.
Thursday: worksheet on triangle measures and Pythagorean Theorem

Front Row due on Monday, 3/12 by 3:00 PM.


To access worksheets for HW:

​1) Click on the above link and sign in using your ConnectEd username and password.
2) Click on the current chapter and lesson.
3) Click on the worksheet icon (green)
4) Click on the assigned work sheet.

*Be careful that you are in the correct chapter and lesson.
* There are many different worksheets. Make sure you select the assigned type of worksheet. 


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