Death Reflective Essay Examples

Aging, Death And Dying

The aspects of aging, death and dying are things people cannot avoid. They are elements of human nature people cannot change no matter how hard they try. Some people wonder what it would be like to not have to deal with aging, death or dying. It could be seen as the perfect way to live but there are things people can focus on to make these aspects a little easier to deal with. You should be thankful for what you have and for the people who you feel give your life special meaning. We should also be grateful for our time on earth and looking at aging as a form of wisdom.

Why do people have such a hard time dealing with aging, death and dying? For some people this can be a sensitive subject because there are elements people don’t want to talk about. Each element is a natural part of life, but it can be difficult to discuss depending on age and personal situation. Aging is something that occurs in stages or cycles, according to scientific and medical research. Many people may not see aging in this way, but some actually like getting older because it allows you to obtain wisdom, experience and status.

Society may paint a different picture on the meaning of aging, death and dying. There are money making opportunities such as anti-aging products, death insurance, and other related products. Death is often difficult to discuss when it occurs unexpectedly in someone’s life. Dying can be just as painful when you watch a loved one or someone you know struggle with an illness. There are people who enjoy living each day and they try not to think about these aspects, but they try to accept them the best way they can.

Even though these are natural occurrences in life there doesn’t seem to be much people can do about it. Researchers continue to learn more about how the body ages, when death occurs, and even last moments of a person in grave condition. How aging, death and dying are perceived have different meaning and definition in other parts of the world. Some look at death as something special and sacred. Others feel it is a form of punishment. There are people who absolutely do not like the idea of getting older, but most living things will see their end someday.

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Reflective essay examples

August 02, 2013 - Posted to Assignment Help

Reflective essays are common interesting writings to every student or writer out their. They are different and unique such that the writer gets to exhaust fully on paper using her own personal opinion, it is more like writing what you have experienced in the past whether positive or negative. It’s an essay where you will not stop to think deeply about the general opinion of your audience. A reflective essay is compared to a reflection seen on your mirror thus what you write should be reflected to you by your readers.​

Absolute importance is given to your thoughts and opinion. Another good feature about a reflective essay is that there is freedom of expression; you say what you feel it’s okay with you. Here you don’t take into consideration how the audience will react but just put your opinion down. To come up with a high quality essay it’s important that you explain your views and perception about the subject matter. A reflective essay should be imaginative, however still preserve the connection with reality.

Some examples to help you choose a topic you can freely express your views

An overview

Though a reflective essay can be one of the easiest writings, you have to keenly choose a topic that you will be able to expound on your ideas and make it fit to be a reality. For a good quality essay analyzing the subject matter of your essay is very vital

  • How the death of my hostile father changed my life
  • My first day at work
  • Hunting in the woods
  • My engagement party
  • How it feels to be unemployed
  • My first date with my boyfriend
  • An experience to remember
  • The experience of our first road trip to the east
  • Christmas vacation with my grandparents
  • My embarrassing moments


When writing a reflective essay ensure you pen down your personal experiences and not the general or public opinions that your audience feel is to be in your writing. A reflective essay differs with an informative essay which puts more into writing the public opinion that the writer uses inform the audience.

An example of reflective essay writing could take this format


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How the death of my hostile father changed my life

Opening paragraph

With your opening paragraph reflect on the acts of how your hostile father has been treating you when he was still alive. Put your ideas together in a manner that will make your reader want to read more and more. For instance you could state the worst treatments you have gotten from your dad that left you with questions if indeed he was your biological dad. Reflect with the changes death has brought without your dad around

Supporting paragraphs

Here is where you give detailed information about your points and further expound on your personal opinion. for instance with this topic let the reader know exactly what made you have a negative attitude to your dad and that after his death life was more fair to you. Let him /her understand your negative convictions towards your biological father. Make the essay even more thrilling through spontaneous narration. Use sentence structure and expressions that will freshen up your writings.


When concluding your reflective essay give a summary of how your life has turned. Draw out pointers to people to understand you. You may also give some advice to people undergoing same experiences.

For students who wish to engage in reflective essays just concentrate on how you could express your self better on paper and make people fit into your shoes. It does not require much thinking but solely depends on you.

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